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stuck in a loop


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Yes,.. that´s complete right! you got me.


whan i look at this code and that what i tried in the meantime,... i had again the expirience that i am thinking to abstract and to complicatet

whan i write codes,... :ponder:


it looks clear now..



all this is now about the steering whan switchleft is on A:


1) because of the x and y axis,.. i made a extra variable(w) for x now.


2 ) y(up,down), ... i tried the steering with both joy´s on hardware. it´s better to work if y direction works same like x direction.




another question i have,..


3) with NUSIZ0 and NUSIZ1 i can set the copies of each sprite or the size.

is it possible with a standard kernel like i use to switch between?


my question is because of that..


whan i have switchleft on A, i can steer with both joysticks both player_sprites.

if i press fire now, both sprites are invisible(black). now it´s somehow little complicated to arrange a collision to make them both visible.


is it complicated to set another function for joy0fire and joy1fire(only in switchleftA mode)? i would like to know how it looks

if the function is switching between, for example ' NUSIZ0=$07 and NUSIZ0=$03 : NUSIZ1=$15 and NUSIZ1=$17 ' ?


that mean i can multible/resize the playersprites by pressing fire... can i do this also with a data array like the color selection?!


so i have different features in the game using the switches on the 2600.


i am really satisfied with our work on this code. the finish is pretty hard because i think about the last possibilities very much :)





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Hello Michael,


But there's also a possible problem with the x coordinates (depending on how you look at it-- you might also think of it as a "feature"). If both controllers are pushed in the same x direction, the frames move at regular speed, instead of at doubled speed. If both controllers are pushed in the opposite x directions, the frames move in opposite directions, instead of being at a standstill. This is because you're using the same variable (x) for both sprites. I'm leaving it as is for now, because I'm not sure whether you like this behavior or not. And there seems to be a slight problem with the x and y coordinates when both controllers are pushed in the same diagonal direction, causing the two frames to slip a little bit out of alignment each time they wraparound the screen.


... here i post the code of what i thought about.


mainly in the switchleft B mode. the steering works like i want,.. but the nice adjustment of the frames is gone :ponder: i know,.. it´s because of

different way of counting the y-axis variable, isn´t it?


i 'rem'ed the lines in the code with the 'player#pointlo' now.. how can i set it in the right context with the player positon?!


... i´ll try again tomorrow,..





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I've modified the up/down movement so it works similarly to the left/right movement. I had to add two more variables to do that-- p0y and p1y-- since the vertical wraparound requires that player0y and player1y can't be used like player0x and player1x. Now p0y and p1y represent the vertical coordinate for the bottom edge for each player, player0y and player1y represent the bottommost line on the screen for each player, and y and v represent the up/down motion of each player. If it isn't working as you'd asked, please let me know what you want changed.


It looks like a couple of weeks ago you asked about using the fire button for changing the players' sizes and/or number of copies, but I must not have seen that, or else I saw it and then forgot about it before I could answer. Is that still something you want to do? If so, can you describe how you want it to act?




PS -- I also corrected the problems that were causing the sprites to slowly get out of alignment when they wrapped around the screen vertically or horizontally.



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