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Odyssey 2 High Score Thread (Updated - 02/11/09)


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but that's quite a difference. The difference gets bigger, too, as the multiplier increases.


Can you explain this? I'm not clear.


Killer Bees!: 34,575

'=' code: X7O


Excellent score!!!



What's this?


'=' code: X7O

I aasumed that the points scored in the round were increased by the multiplier. After checking the instruction manual, that appears not to be the case.


The '=' code is obtained by pressing the '=' key after your game is over. A three letter/number combo appears that was intended to be used to confirm your score. Classic Consoles Center has a page discussing this and other hidden Killer Bees! features.

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I think I now remember why I quit playing my O2 in the first place... I so totally suck at the games! :( heheheAnyway, here are my miserably pathetic scores.
KC Munchkin Game 0: 39
KC Munchkin Game 3: 20
KC Crazy Chase Game 0: 58
Pix Axe Pete Game 0: 22
Pix Axe Pete Game 6: 16
Freedom Fighters: 38
Bowling Game 1: 103
Atlantis easy: 30,250

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Demon Attack:




Man, this game is giving me ulcers. Out of all of the versions of this game I have, A800, 2600, Vic-20, INTV and TI-99/4A, the O2 one is the most frustrating. I've had more than my fair share of double and even triple deaths. The bottom level ships just hover over your position while you're going through the process of getting killed and starting with another reserve ship. If you don't move immediately upon re-energizing you're dead and even if you do move sometimes you're dead anyways. :skull:




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JellE - scoring 38 on Freedom Fighters! isn't that bad. Maybe you should concentrate on that one. The best I've ever got on Freedom Fighters! (not for this thread, though) was 300. I hope you'll keep playing!
I haven't played most of these games before. I was a huge fan of Attack of the Timelord when I was younger. I think I only had a couple carts for my first machine. I plan on continuing to play, and eventually I hope to get better. :)
Hey Jelle,


Are using emulation or the real thing?


I'm just wondering.

Unfortunately, I am using emulation. I don't have any of my O2s here, they are all back in Texas. I am hoping that maybe if we get a bigger place I can have them sent here. If not, I will just have to wait till we move back to Texas. (I don't know when this will happen for sure, though.)
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I was thinking of ordering this one. Is it worth getting if you already have the 2600 version?



If you enjoy the 2600 version, I say yes.


There are fewer Demons.....but it is more difficult than the 2600. Which is good for me, because I love the playing it on the Atari, but I can get to the place were the game freezes up...so I can't progress further in it. The O2 provided another way to get a challenge out of it again.


Overall, the 2600 version has the edge....but I'm impressed over all with what they did for the O2.

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Okay, I'll post my best scores so far on the games I've played.


Las Vegas Blackjack

14,400 (peak) before the house started taking back its money! :D











K.C.'s Krazy Chase




Killer Bees




P.T. Barnum's Acrobats




Sub Chase




Attack of the Timelord

540 he finally called me a "worthy opponent", I really like the Voice Games!! :D



Speedway (Skill 1)




Speedway (Skill 2)








Cosmic Conflict




K.C. Munchkin (Game 0)



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Good job on UFO.


I've been lousy at it lately.

I should've held back my 61. It looks pitiful. :|


I've noticed that the Odyssey2 games usually only give you one life. A single mistake and you're toast. Ouch!



Yep...it sad. But, alas, like life...we only get one chance!!



(lame metaphor, I know)

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Good job on UFO.


I've been lousy at it lately.

This is a trick that works pretty reliably for me:


When you appear on the screen, immediately 'ram' satellite after satellite. When you've hit seven satellites, pull back to the middle of the screen and wait for a light-speed starship to pass through. Kill it or avoid it, then go back to continuously killing satellites until you' killed another seven. Repeat the process.


Hope this helps your score!

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