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Ebay gone CRAZY???????


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ok i was just on ebay looking at atari stuff (as lots of us do) when i got to ebay i went to the link for video games on the right.. went to vintage gameing systems.. selected atari.. and there was a lot called HUGE ATARI 2600 BOXED SYSTEM AND GAME LOT i opened it and looked and the guy had his collection for sale (his collection REALLY is almost identacal to mine other then the games he owned) and it was going on sale for crazy amounts like 250 american does this guy have any really rare games or something?? any one know y his lot is selling for so much?????? (*please go check out the lot on ebay and reply with your thoughts thanks*)

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Hello Chromizone:


After seeing a few individual boxed carts hit the $1,000 range and cart only hit a few hundred, I'll believe anything !!


Over the past three years I have seen just about everything for sale on Ebay, including some really ultra-rare items that most people only read about and don't even see, let alone own.


My favourite rarity, which I wish I had the cash to buy back then, was an alternate version of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" which looked (screen shot) for beans, but sold for a few hundred nonetheless.


I'd say that with few exceptions, the seller has no problems attracting strong buyers.


Robert T Mruczek

Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee

Star Wars classic arcade champion




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It's stuff like that that makes me glad I'm started to get into 32X and Saturn collecting... these systems were never really popular enough to get the "cult" following that the Atari does... most things are nice and cheap :) ... although I'll probably never get Radiant Silvergun :(



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What I love is watching people actually get into a bidding war for a loose Combat cartridge, and pay 15 bucks for it. It's happened.




EDIT: I find these amusing. The first one might make you laugh, but then, read the other two.







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The best line is, "NO MORE OF THESE WILL EVER BE MADE!!!"

How untrue this is. We see many games being re-released in the foreign market, some with new names, some with changed graphics, and some with no changes whatsoever.


I'm so glad that possum-glory is no longer in the hands of Jerry Greiner. I'd be puking my guts out though if this was my original account. He sold his business awhile back.



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The best part about that auction is the condition of the cartridge! I can't believe someone would bother paying $2.50 for a game with that much damage to it... it's not like Popeye is that rare (Despite what the seller seems to think).



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What's funnier is that I'll throw up a Popeye cart and won't get $2 bucks for it and the label will be like a 9 out of 10.


Marco, I was keeping close tabs with Jerry about a year ago. I found all my Arcadian issues, and he was going to put a detailed section in his updated guide (whenever that was going to be), plus I was helping him with some updated info and new info that he was missing.


He told me he sold his business, because I asked him if he had any protos left. This user id may not be the person he sold it to. If it isn't, then this person was riding on Jerry's Ebay userid name. Probably hoping people would think it was him. Since it was always a pleasure dealing with Jerry and I was always happy with the deals I made with him, I wouldn't doubt someone would try to "take on" his role.


I'm never sure of what will sell on Ebay. One day I won't get a bid for something for $24.99, then I'll relist the unsold item and it'll go for $56.00. Go figure.


That is why I cover this in my "guide to successful mail order business" that only 2 people have bought and neither one has commented on. :)

Hint Hint Albert. Though it is 18 pages and should take the better of 1/2 hour to read and think about, add another 1/2 hour with questions.


Ok, gotta eat lunch and then run to work. I'll be back on later tonight.



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