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Vegas Convoy Update


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Just thought I'd give everyone an update...


Joe and Scott left my house yesterday (Monday) about 3pm. It took a while to get everything all loaded and strapped in. Total count was 9 BIG arcade machines and around 40 boxes!


Got a call from Joe this morning around 9:45 EST and he said they were just getting to the end of Ohio. They better pick up the pace today.


So, if you see a 17' Uhaul truck with a CGE banner on it on Hwy 80, that's probably them. Please, no hijacking of the goodies though.


Gotta say, there's no better two sucke... er friends in the world.


I'll post any more updates I get before I leave Weds. morning.



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Just a quick update...


The U-Haul broke-down this afternoon in central Illinois. The folks at U-Haul sent out a repairman who arrived four hours later and they're back on the road again. I think the truck we got is like a 1968 model with 1.5 million miles on it!


So to clarify things a bit...if you see two guys PUSHING a 17' truck with a CGE banner on the side of it, wave as you drive by because that's Joe and Scott.



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9 machines is smaller (but still a decent amount) then last year, but dont people bring there own.


9 machines is just what we're bringing from the East Coast. We'll still have 30 -40 fullsize machines total.



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Well, I'm off to Vegas in a couple of hours and just wanted to check in before I go.


When I last heard from our daring duo, they had reclaimed the road and made it to Des Moines, Iowa before calling it a night. They expect to hit it early tomorrow to try and make up lost time.


If you don't see them at the show, you'll know they didn't quite make it. :)


That's all, folks. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you at the show. Everyone have a safe trip and see you there.



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