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Terrance & Phillip


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Problems solved. New version. Have the right difficulty switch set to A to start from the beginning. Otherwise, you'll start at level 4 (the swimming level.) How is the swimming? Is it OK, or should I ditch it and think up of something like the past 3 levels?



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Thank you for the kind words on this game. Added two new screens. the first one (the one with the red "smart" pig) is tough, but still beatable. I always check screens to see if they're beatable or not before I post them up here. Right now the game is around 70% complete. Right now the toughest thing to do is create new screens. And once I'm done with level 4, there will be a level 5 and then it will end.

What I have planned for the ending screens (if I have enough room left): After you get past the final big boss (a big pig), Phillip will come out while the Canadian national anthem plays and hug Terrance. Then, another screen will display "THE END" in pfblocks, then fade to black, then go back to the title screen. But I'm still about a couple months away from programming that.



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New version.

+Put the ending in. To see it, at the title screen, have the right difficulty switch be A.

+Put two new screens in level 4.

+if the right difficulty switch is B, you will start at level 4.

Once level 4 is finished, it will justify the cart having 32k (the game itself will be around 17k.)



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