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Atari stock and the King-Question


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What do you think about the worth of the Atari stock listed on this page?




How much is it's "worth"? And: do you know a link where I can view a larger scan of this stock??? Shall I contact my broker to order 500 of them? Is Atari still alive? Is Elvis still live? What kind of connection is between Elvis and Atari? :?:


Greetings from Hamburg....

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I am not sure if you can place a specific value on them. I actually have one of the old Atari stock certificates and it hangs in my room. I went to Office Max to get a nice frame to hang it on and I also keep the certificate itself inside plastic within the frame just in case.


I think if you really had to place a price on them I would have to say somewhere between $25 to $40.


There have been some certificates from time to time that were issued to Jack Tramiel and they have gone for over $100 or more when put up on Ebay.

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