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Do you have kids who play video games?

Rhindle The Red

Do you have kids who play video games?  

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  1. 1. Do you have kids who play video games?

    • No, I don't have any kids.
    • No, they're too young.
    • No, they're not interested.
    • Yes, but they started playing when they were older.
    • Yes, and they started when they were very young.

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My kids started young with Sesame Street Edu-games on a PC. They moved on to GameBoy (mostly Pokemon). Then I showed them Star Raiders on the big screen and they were impressed. We played it again last night, after I improved the 800XL video (per this forum).

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Both my 5 year old daughter and my 7 year old son play my Atari 2600 all the time. My son's favorite games are: Mad Max from Neo & Pepsi Invaders. My daughter loves Dawn of the Dead from Neo, the new 2007 AtariAge holiday cart, Smurfs Arcade Action & TechnoVision "Nuts" limited edition release from CPUWIZ.


:D :D :D

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My son is a very enthusiastic Super Smash Bros: Melee/Brawl player, anything Pokemon and a big Kingdom Hearts fan. In addition to what he plays, he's interested in playing anything modern I happen to be playing (sometimes, to my wife's dismay). He has come home from school expressing shock over learning his classmates have never heard of Final Fantasy XI Online or System Shock. He's also my playing partner for Chronogamer and is a very good sport about playing some of the "less interesting" two-player only games offered in the late 70s early 80s.


On the positive side, playing Chrono Trigger when he was five was a strong incentive for him to learn to read, which he does very well. On the negative side, whenever we want him to do something at home "besides playing videogames" he finds himself at a loss to occupy himself (though he has discovered that he enjoys reading for fun).


My daughter (6) is interested in playing videogames but the material she desires to play is usually very disappointing licensed crap (anything Barbie-related, for instance). I keep trying to steer her towards Spyro: Year of the Dragon (which was my son's gateway game) but she's just not interested in it enough to learn the moves essential for playing the game. She totally OWNS at Wii Bowling, however, and she the highest score in the house (though I can't remember what it is at the moment, something in the mid 200s)


Air-Sea Battle Entry with picture of daughter playing Air-Sea Battle.

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I knew it was over when me and my wife were taking a break from co-op halo. I think he was around 4-5. I forget what happened. Either the phone rang or we were preparing dinner. Well he was always eager to get his hands on my controllers but I was always iffy about it cause I was concerned about him damaging them.


Anyways sure enough he was playing like a pro. I knew it was over after that. I have to give him credit though, if it wasn't for him I probably would have never seen the end of Halo, albeit several years later.

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Both of my kids play. They started with Noddys Playtime on the ST and a couple of NES carts we had. (Fast-forward through SNES and Jaguar...) Now he plays PS2 and Runescape and she plays Wii and Kingdom Hearts.




/* Funny you should mention seeing the end of Halo [see above], as we (well, mostly he) finally finished Super Mario Brothers. I was never any good at it, but he and his friend just plowed right through it about a year ago. (Maybe we will track down the NES Mario Brothers ...that would be fun to finally complete.) */

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I have a friends with kids I've helped with and hung out with since 1998. I had them holding a Jaguar controller playing Tempest 2000 when they were in diapers. They used to laugh at Bubsy when I played that on the Jaguar. (Why I am such a Bubsy nut now.) And to this day I go over to their place (where I left two Jaguars and a Jaglink) so we can play some networked Doom and Battlesphere.


I've made some youtube movies of our adventures together in Jaguarland...


Battlespahere Movies: (These were three Jaguars networked)


Doom Movies:


I have thought about getting two copies of Aircars, only because it would give us another game to play together.

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My Daughter, 14 now, loves video games.

The first game I remember her liking alot was Tony Hawk on the PS.

She has many systems. Her faves are Xbox, Wii, PS's and of course Atari's.

She plays her 7800 as much as any of the newer ones and I think it's kinda neat.

Her favorite Atari games are: Maze Craze, Freeway, Frogger, Ms Pac-man, Lock n Chase, Popeye, Q*bert, Dig Dug and I am sure there are a few I've missed.

She absolutely loves "It's Only Rock n Roll"

on the Colecovision as silly as that game (if you can call it a game) is. :) :)

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So I've got three nephews (10, 5 & 2) and two nieces (7 & 5). The two older boys play games a lot, with the younger of the two playing since he was, like, 2. The girls are less interested, but still play on occasion.


Now, I don't have any kids of my own, but I was thinking what are the playing habits of people's kids out there?

its kind of funny, no one im related to collects video games, but some of them play a bit. my uncle owns a ms. pac man arcade machine, but thats it. some of my relatives play some xbox :/
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