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CGE First Impressions


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Hello! :)


I am writing this as I sit in my hotel room several hours after CGE has ended. I am exhausted, my feet are sore (which is strange, as I have no problems standing or walking all day, but there's just something about being in a booth that makes your feet ache), and I have a 20 hour drive ahead of me to get back to Austin. However, I thought I'd spend a few minutes giving my first impressions of the show, along with a picture I took..


This was only my second CGE, and my first attending as a vendor with a booth. I arrived in Vegas Thursday evening and unloaded the cargo van. I spent all day Friday setting up the booth and making last minute preparations. Friday evening we had a great party in our room, and we also spent a good portion of that evening (well, until around 4am) building around 90 Thrust Plus packages.


About three hours later (7am) I woke up and went down to the show floor to finish anything I didn't the day prior. Of course, I didn't get quite everything done. When the show opened at 9am our booth was swamped, mostly with people wanting name badges, but also by people wanting to see what we had. Throughout the day there were many crowded periods, especially since many of the games we were selling were scheduled to be sold at different times.


I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people from the boards, as well as many interesting Atari personalities. I will detail these more in later. Right now I am going to go to sleep, as I am dead tired and need to get a good night's rest so I can start my journey back tomorrow. However, I will leave you with this picture I took of Lee Krueger and Chris Wilkson at our booth on Friday while setting up. :)


A corner of the AA booth at CGE2K2


Will write more later when I'm in less danger of falling asleep and drooling on my keyboard!



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I just got back to Austin and now I have to go back to my real job. :( But first some quick CGE thoughts. I didn't make last years CGE, and this was the first time I really got to spend the whole time at the show, so I got to meet and say hello to many people from this board and elsewhere.


First of all thanks to the people who helped out with the AtariAge booth and various related projects. We couldn't have done it without the help of Joe Grand, Billy Eno, Chris Wilkson, and many other people.


Hello again to Matt Reichert, Smitty, Ronen, Mike Mika, Keita, the CGE guys, the DP guys, Adrian, Marty C, Cassidy, Joe Cody, Debro, JerryG, Lee Kreuger, Rick Weis, George Reese, Burgel, and tons of other people I couldn't possibly list here!


I also got to meet Warren Robinett who was very friendly and nice to talk to. A bit of trivia, he told us that his original inspiration for the secret room in Adventure was the hidden backwards message in the Beatles White Album. :)


I don't know what the attendance numbers were but we were very busy all day on Saturday, and steady on Sunday (except during the Dig Dug Drop when the rest of the convention hall suddenly became a ghost town!). I didn't get to explore the show much myself since we were behind the booth most of the time, but it was still great to see from that perspective.


Well, I gotta get some work done now, I'm sure I'll have more to say later. :)

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