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More serious fraud auctions on eBay?


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Well now I am really confused. I had e-mailed Dansomthin earlier and

received a nice response and photo which did ease my concerns but

after reading his post here I am no concerned again.


Here is a copy of his reply


Hi Dennis,

I understand your concerns. I'm not offended.The games are owned by my friend and are quite legitimate. I will send you more picks as you requested. He doesn't have a computer and This is my 1st E-bay sale. All that aside, they are very real and he takes great condition of his collection. He just sold a very rare game at the Philly game show at the Valley Forge convention center. The game was called Eli'.s Ladder, if I'm spelling it correctly. He got a few dollars for that one. I will have him come




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yeah, it's great that you posted the photos.

you've help assuage our concerns. if you read

the other posts in this forum, you can see that

one quadrun auction was definitely fraudulent.


if you've never sold on ebay, fyi, reserve auctions

don't generally get many bids. but you obviously

need to protect your carts and not sell them for $1.

if they don't meet reserve and you relist them, i

suggest putting no reserve but a minimum bid of

whatever you require (eg, $200, $400, whatever).

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Holy Balls! man, hell just froze over, that is the most rare carts ive ever seen in a collection,i wouldnt sell those for anything.. but thats just me, and thats totally ironic that he found this mystery post, when noone has ever heard of him??? dont u think? but anyway, he has my trust, i would buy, but im saving for that big thrigt stor hit, you know that one where you drain the store of all its vintage systems for 50.00??ya... that thing... but anyway, i hope they go to good collectors, and thanks for the post dan, that takes all the doubt out, but if you can, i would take them out of that catagory, and post them in atari, then the prices will really rocket..

thats just my personal opinion

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Hey guys.


I can vouch for Dan. I bought the Eli's ladder from him at Philly Classic. I also traded/sold him a few of the carts it looks like he is now selling.




and a couple others which are less rare.


I dealt wih him via mail and he was completely honest with me. You guys can trust him 100%



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