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FB2 controller problem

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Just bought a used FB2 and one of the controller buttons seems to move objects to the left when pressed... basically in the same manner as moving the joystick to the left... along with firing as usual.


Hate to take it back since I'd probably have a hard time finding another one, so any ideas for a fix?




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If you swapped the left and right controllers and the problem is with one of the joysticks and not the console, you may be able to acquire a joystick from someone here in these forums, as many here are honest folk (but do your homework), or you can try e-bay (a bit more risky). Atari 2600 joysticks will work in FB2's although the joysticks don't fit all too well.


If you are handy with a soldering iron, you can visit the Best Electronics website and research joystick repairs; they also have joystick parts available, but if I recall, the FB2 joysticks were designed slightly different from the original 2600 ones. There may be a thread if you do a search somewhere in this forum about repairing FB2 joysticks.

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