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Do you primarily buy your "modern" games new or used?

Rhindle The Red

Do you primarily buy your "modern" games new or used?  

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  1. 1. Do you primarily buy your "modern" games new or used?

    • Mostly new
    • Mostly used
    • About the same
    • I don't really buy "modern" games

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Given that I work at a used game store (not gamestop thank god) all my games I buy used. If someone is selling games to the store and I see something I like (and my manager isn't around) I pay out of my pocket. So I get them even cheaper than used retail. Its nice until I run out of money icon_ponder.gif


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Whaoh! Thread Necro.


Still, Since I didn't vote until just a little bit ago... I buy most of my modern games new unless it's horribly expensive or I blunder across it cheap enough. Of course, with the current generation of consoles, they keep stripping stuff out before you even buy the game. But since the PS2, GCube, and XBox1 are on the out I've picked up some proper bargains here and there. Especially since I do a lot of online shopping, there are fewer question marks with a new purchase. I like that aspect when I click "add to cart".



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Wow I posted in this thread four years ago. I'm buying even fewer modern games now than I was then. Bump that, I'm not buying any modern games right now. The second newest system I have is a PS2 and the newest I have (PSP) has been completely neutered by Sony's inane firmware updates.

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I don't have any of the latest systems so, that would be a "no" for me. However, I did have a 360 last year that I gave to my brother.

He was looking to buy a new one and since mine didn't really hold my interest and was just collecting dust anyway, I decided "Why not?"

I only bought it to play SF4 anyway.

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About the same for me. I never go to Game Stop. A new game is just used taken out of a sleeve and was brought home from the employees who played it, and put in a complete box. While used has the original case thrown away. I get mine at Movie Trading Company. All their disc games are cleaned up and buffered. Used games still look like new and the prices are cheaper.

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