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We really need something in the mid-south region...

Phosphor Dot Fossils

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By all the accounts of the fun that was had at CGE2K2, I'm almost in pain from missing it. But I have yet to be able to afford a trip to Vegas to make it out there.


The thought has occurred that the mid-south region (i.e. Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri) needs its own classic gaming event. Jagfest in St. Louis is a good start, but I'm not really a Jag fan myself. (Nothing wrong with the Jaguar, it's just that I've never had one.) Granted, the attendance numbers probably wouldn't be huge in this region, but all of the other events seem to be coast-centric. CinciClassic and the Midwest Classic Gaming show are a full day's drive from here.


Guess I'm just lamenting the fact that, short of winning the lottery, my chances of making it to any of these other events are very slim indeed. :sad:

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