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Duck Hunt - Season 4 Week 1


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Shooting bugs, now we're shooting ducks? That's right, it's time for Duck Hunt!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling! Play Game B - Two Ducks - one duck is too ridiculously easy.


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point. No continues - only games played from the beginning count!


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


This week's competition ends in a week on Tuesday (April 29th) at approximately noon PST.



This week's scores:


None yet.


Twin Galaxies High Scores





Last Season's Final standings:


1. vdub_bobby (142 pts)

2. LarcenTyler (117 pts)

3. PressureCooker2600 (115 pts)

4. gdement (106 pts)

5. Roloking (36 pts)

6. theKLT (34 pts)

7. Blackjack (28 pts)

8. Artlover (24 pts)

9. rjchamp3 (18 pts)

10. Atari5200 (16 pts)

11. atari2600land (15 pts)

12. shadow460 (10 pts)

13. RJ (6 pts)

14. Ryanw (4 pts)

15. potatohead (1 pts)



Game Info


Original by Nintendo in 1984.


Other platforms: MSX





None yet.

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Reminder: Play Game B - Two Ducks. I just played a game of Game A and holy cow that is ridiculously easy. Got to round 11 without missing a duck when I turned it off. :roll: And that was shooting from as far away as the cord would reach! Didn't realize it was that easy...

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Well, participation was *very* low, so (a) I wasn't real motivated and (b) I thought little break might be a good idea.


Seems like which game was chosen had a BIG effect on participation, so I'm wondering if there is a better way to pick games. Any ideas?

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Well I would have thought that the system you had in place would have worked well, since it allowed the populace to pick the game. I know how frustrating it can be to keep participation up. I used to run a MAME league over at DigitalPress and the ratio of people who signed up to people who participated was abysmal.


In my league, I never let anyone pick the games. I would take suggestions at the beginning of the season and keep them in mind when picking the games, but I selected all of the games myself. I used to try to pick games that were not mainstream so that people would maybe get exposed to a game that they hadn't played before but that was good, or games that used to be popular but aren't as much now.


I can only speak for myself in talking about the way you have this system set up. The problem for me would be that if the poll contained 4 games that I wasn't excited about playing, then I knew that no matter which one got picked I wasn't going to be into it, and on top of that the other games that I also didn't care for were still going to be in the poll the following week. Most of the games we had in this league were good, but some of them I really didn't like. Duck Hunt was good back in it's heyday but I don't play it now because it just doesn't hold up. Same goes for Battletoads. For me that game is practically unplayable. When a game like that comes up that someone really doesn't want to play, then they are going to sort of disconnect from the league for that week, and the chance of them not coming back the next week increases.


I also did other little things like giving away small prizes like games out of my trade box. This was during the time on DP where they had the forum currency and the little inventory system, so I was able to give away some forum money to the winners, and also had one of the other forum members design little digital trophies that they would get in their inventory. Obviously you can't do that here, but my point is that all it takes sometimes to keep up participation are little incentives. For instance you could give away a "mystery box", which could just be a priority mail flat rate box full of stuff out of your trade box, to the winner. I would be willing to donate some prize material, and I bet some other people would, too.


Lastly, I never actually competed in my own league, which I notice that you do. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with it necessarily, but I just don't think it looks good because you are the one running the league. I just never thought that the players in my league should be competing against the guy running the show.


Anyway, that's my 2 cents. I hope you get the league going again.



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If someone sends me a request for the 5200 HSC, I do take it into consideration and will use if it I feel it's the right timing. I try to do some common games, then rare, common, maybe homebrew, more commons, etc.


The participation in the 5200 HSC is moderate in my opinion and low depending on the game to 0 participation in some games. I came really close to shutting it down once. It's something fun for the community to enjoy and compete against each other, even if a couple people compete, I rethought the situation and found it's worth it to me to keep it going.


I also like doing special rounds, like when the 5200 competed against the 7800 crew, and other multi system rounds, stuff like that is pretty fun. The NES also has much better emulators. I've participated a couple times, but I run emulator off my phone, so it's somewhat easy for me. But I don't get much time to do it is my probably. I rarely participate in my own HSC let alone others.


I don't want to see any HSC die, I just think you have to take some good rounds with the bad. The game is definitely tied to the amount of participants, I think, so you could always do a spurt of some real popular games then throw an abscure or rare one here or there.

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Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I'll probably start things back up in the next few weeks.


One comment; for me at least half the point of running the HSC is participating myself - for better or worse. It is kind of cheesy when the guy running it wins, so maybe there's a better way. Though since I don't pick the games myself I don't feel too bad about playing.

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