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You've got to be kidding!


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Well, if these games are available from someone who went or from the makers themselves for the original price it sold for at the show, drop me a line. I would most likely want Elevator Action out of the 4 first.


The CGE guys have announced that the games they were selling at the show (Crack'ed, Save the Whales, Pick Up, and Cube Quest) are original for purchase at the original show prices. I feel bad for whoever paid $100 for Crack'ed (I haven't looked at this guy's other auctions yet). Here is the link if you'd like to purchase these games at the original prices:


Classic Gaming Expo - Merchandise



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I feel bad for whoever paid $100 for Crack'ed


I sure as hell don't. If he was willing to part with $100 for it, more power to him. However, his impatience just cost him $55.


Virtually every single game that's ever been sold at any CGE is available after the show in some fashion. (With exceptions like Ms. Space Fury, boxed Combat II, Elevator Action, etc.) I'm certain, with all the hubbub, a copy of voice-enhanced Berzerk would've gone for over $100 on eBay right after the show ended. Yet, it'll be available - soon - for much, much less.

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