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Colecovision cart question.


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It's not a true prototype.


It looks like one of those CGE re-issues that they did a couple of years back. They took some unreleased games/prototypes and burnt some carts of them and added the nice labels and all so people would have a chance to play them. They did Dig Dug, Joust, and some others that I can't remember offhand.


I know it's not nearly worth anywhere near the buy it now price, but if you were to snag it for around the opening bid, it'd be a good deal.

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Dig Dug would have been an Atarisoft release if it had been released.

Dig Dug is an Atari game.


The pic of the cart makes it look like coleco released the game.

I don't believe coleco or atari ever released this game.


It is probably a "home brew" type of game?

Did someone find the rom and make carts for sale at a convention?

or did someome write thier own game?


I'd ask the seller more questions, he/she should of put a better description on it.

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