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How to Use This Forum (Please Read Before Posting!)


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By popular request, I have added a "User Feedback Forum" to AtariAge. This forum exists for members to leave feedback about other members with whom they've had dealings with as far as buying, selling and trading games and game-related items. If you want to leave feedback about a user, please search for the thread with their username as the title. If a thread doesn't yet exist for that user, you may start a new one, but please be sure to set the username of the person you wish to leave feedback for as the thread title! And please search to make sure a thread doesn't already exist. You can easily do this by using the "Search Forum" box at the bottom of the User Feedback Forum.


When posting feedback, please stick to the facts, especially if you had a negative experience with an individual. For instance, "I sent Tom $105.00 via PayPal on 06/08/07, and now two months later I still don't have my merchandise and I haven't received a single email or PM with a status update." As opposed to, "This jerk Tom stole my money and I still don't have my games! He should be banned!!!" If you start calling people names, you'll lose access to this forum.


Props to Digital Press for this idea, which goes beyond the old and convoluted Clean list of recommended traders thread to help keep tabs those who are good to deal with and those who should be avoided.


Note that threads in this forum are sorted by the thread title (in this case, usernames) to make it easier to find the user you wish to read about! If you wish to override this sorting method, you can do so at the bottom, right corner of the page.





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