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Atari 2600 game select information DB

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So I played Condor Attack for you. This is what I found. A and B determine whether your ship is large (A - harder) or small (B - easier). Game select lets you choose if you want to fight Condors, Spiders, or Bats. Spiders and Bats are significantly harder than Condors, but I'm not sure Bats are harder than Spiders. Each time you clear a wave (level) the enemies are worth more points.


Interesting side note. If you switch difficulty between games without turning the console off, your ship will go back and forth in size as you play.


Vulture Attack is identical, except I'm assuming they call the first type of aliens Vultures instead of Condors.

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My attention is currently divided between this and "AdamX" the colecovision emulator for the xbox. So any work required of me for AdamX may supercede anything going on here. In other words progress on this list may slow down a little depending on "what" I'm working on in AdamX. :) :P


Gospeedde has offered to thow together information for me for the following homebrews... Just so everyone knows.


Jammed, Lady Bug, Marble Craze, Medieval Mayhem, Oystron, Reindeer Rescue, SCSIcide, Space Treat Deluxe, Starfire, Stratogems Deluxe, and Warring Worms: The Worm (re)Turns.

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Just a minor update. I didn't forget about this little project. Just got sidetracked with all the dual preview, streaming media, synopsis stuff going on with the main interface.


Chances are I'll probably change the format of the file to match more how the sysnopsis.txt is layed out.

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