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L.E.M.: yet another Lunar Lander new game


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Before discovering Turbo-Basic XL and programming Cookie Monster, I have made a *simple* Lunar Lander game in Atari Basic called L.E.M.





I attach version 1.1: it is identical to the original release but, thanks to Tezz, there is a new autoboot routine that doesn't display awful READY, POKE and RUN "D:...".

I also attach Antic magazine's program ("Autogo.bas") that creates an AUTORUN.SYS able to load whatever basic program you want.



I attach version 1.2: it is identical to the original release but there is (another!) autoboot routine that displays "LOADING LEM.BAS"; I think it's the correct solution.

I attach ANALOG magazine's program ("RUNAUTO.BAS") that creates AUTORUN.SYS able to load whatever basic program you want.






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I don't remember playing one of those on my 800XL ever... it's going to make a nice addition.

Going through my files, I just came across a program I wrote named "LEM.3D" which is an animation of a wireframe "lander"... didn't remember it, but this is my disk with all the 3D stuff I made over 15 years ago.

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Pretty cool - and nice job! The only complaint I have is that your ship really shouldn't crash with stars presumably lights years away just by passing in front of them. :D

With your post you make me remember that I was not very good in astronomy (and in mathematics too) when I was attending high school!

The pixels seems stars but in fact are detritus (line 490 REM TERRAIN AND DETRITUS).

Detritus over the Moon? :?

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Here is Atarimania's Lunar Lander's genre games page:



My game isn't surely the best one but at least the name is original:

L.E.M. Lunar Excursion Module


Sound more plausible the 'Shredded Wheat' in my brother's Lunar Lander. :D Available here.

Seems very interesting.

Can you send me this game in another format (not .cas)?

My Atari800Win Plus 4.0 emulator crashes when I attach tape.



To add more confusion to the mix, here's the Lunar Lander I did about 22 years ago http://www.atarimania.com/detail_soft.php?...ERSION_ID=13848

Very interesting too!

Instead of detritus or 'Shredded Wheat' your Moon has many asteroids!

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