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dk hack


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Hi, well this is my first hack, of dk. it looks prett good its (Ferlstorm's) hack! i tweek it up bc, it was to me the better hack from all the others.



-Changed the sprites on dk. made it look like he has a head, crotch area...lol hey not what you think!!! and hands, they may look like stumps but better than a peg

-took the wart off mario's nose

-made the oil barrel near mario, look like ....a oil barrel

-gave the girl a longer left arm, and took off the extra heel on her right foot......

-fixed the fireball head, and tail

-changed the sprites on the barells that dk well suppose to throw at you the end of the barell

-and i did something else, but you will have to look closely


hope you like it


here are the old pics





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