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When did you get your first DVD player?

Rhindle The Red

When did you get your first DVD player?  

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  1. 1. When did you get your first DVD player?

    • 1997
    • 1998
    • 1999
    • 2000
    • 2001
    • 2002
    • 2003
    • 2004
    • 2005
    • 2006
    • 2007
    • 2008
    • 2009
    • I still haven't taken the plunge.
    • I have no friggin idea!

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Before I get into this week's poll, please take a moment and nominate three titles for the upcoming Shodown by following this link. Thanks.


Now, how about this new-fangled technology, DVD? When did you get your first player? What was it? What was the first DVD you owned?


For me, I first bought a DVD player when the Nuon technology was abandoned in 2001 and I picked up a Toshiba N501 for something like $170. I had been watching DVDs on my computer at work already by that point, but the N501 was my first real player.


My first DVD was Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts.


How about you?

I still have a nuon hooked up in my office N501 Samsung. I play Tempest all the time and some of the home brews on it.

Nuondome has so decent links for D/L's.

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Yknow.. I have NO friggin idea! :lol:

New poll option added.


Voted :P


Yeah I guess to clarify, I remember like 2 or 3 early DVD units that I've had. However, I can't remember a) what brand they were. and b) Even if I did, which one was first. So yeah..


I guess it's like trying to remember what was my first cassette deck.

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Still don't own one, still don't want one. If I wanna watch a movie I have the internet. Well crap now that I think about it I guess really I do as both my systems have dvd combo drives. Does it count if we have never watched a movie with it :)


I actually still have a working BetaMax sitting out in the garage.

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I think I got mine around 2002. Got a relatively nice Sony one from Best Buy for about $150 and picked up some of their $10 DVDs. I bought UHF, Spaceballs, Caveman (I think that's the name of the movie), and Cheech & Chong's Corsican Brothers.

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I not only remember when I purchased my first DVD player - I still have it, working!


summer 2001

I finally got a NUON player, the Toshiba SD2300 system (did not need firmware upgrade), along with a controller, Tempest 3000 and Merlin Racing all the same day.

and yes, the DVD features it offered blew away any other DVD system I saw from that time and years later. :cool:

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1999 for me, it was a Sony DVD player with build-in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder.

On of the first DVD's I bought was Starship Troopers, it was a flipper disc.


Now just a few month ago, I bought a PS3 for the Blu-Ray, first blu-ray disc I bought was Sunshine (a sci-fi movie).

And with the upscaling option, my dvd movies never looked better :)

I'm not really a PS3 gamer to polished for graphics and not really gameplay. I still prefer the Atari Jaguar and Lynx.

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I waited until early 2001 and I'm glad I did. A lot of DVD's before that were pretty bad, and most weren't enhanced for widescreen tvs. Also, before that there was a huge void of classic movies that I like. Since then, I've amassed a pretty nice collection of movies and TV series (somewhere around 300 titles.) I suppose sometime down the road, I'll have to get a Blueray player, but the Blueray library has a lot of growing up to do and prices will have to drop before I pull the trigger. I probably own about 95% of anything I'd ever want on DVD already, so I'm not really hot to buy everything again right away!

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2004 for me was when I got my first Xbox, Playstation 2, and standalone player. Kind of odd how I went from no DVD players to three in the span of about two months (Bought myself the Xbox when Midway Arcade Treasures 2 was released, and got a slim PS2 and a standalone DVD player as Christmas gifts from two different people). Also got my first DVD's that year too.


I guess I could argue 2003 when I got my GameCube, since it basically uses DVD technology for the media. But since it can't play games, it doesn't count.


My first DVD's were the classic WWII D-Day documentary True Glory, and season 1 of Little House on the Prairie.


Still don't have a DVD drive for my PC though. I bought it in 2003 and wanted to save a few dollars, and didn't realize PC gaming was going to start switching over almost after I got the PC, or that I'd fall in love with buying my favorite movies and tv shows on DVD (Before this I didn't have much on VHS, I basically only used VHS to record stuff I wanted to save, didn't buy many VHS releases).


Now I mostly use two hybrid VHS/DVD players (One hooked up to a hd set, and another to my crt). My original standalone player seems to be having laser trouble. Also sometimes play DVD's on my 360.

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sept. 2002 i got a mintek dvd player for $75 (paid way to much)

then that same day i bought

Action Arsenal (10 movie DVD pack)



a Girls Gone Wild dvd


and on ebay that same day i BIN'd

Lexx - season 1 dvd set

They Live


in aug of 04 i bought a JVC divx dvd player (inferior to the philips model, which i couldnt find at the time)

then in july of 05 i bought a philips divx dvd player ( for $60 ) and been using that ever since

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Sometime in 1998 is when I picked up my first DVD player a Sony DVP-S300. I think I paid ~$500 for it at Circuit City. My first three discs were Outland, 2001 and some John Denver concert my wife wanted. I still have it and it still works great but it doesn't do DTS audio nor component video. :(

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My first DVD Player was an APEX and that was in December 2002. I bought my first three DVD's on a trip to Disney World(the Virgin Megastore there is HUGE!!!! Got Metroid Fusion the day it came out there, so waiting in line for rides was no shit) before I even got the player, because I planned to use my Christmas money to buy one. The player set me back $60 and had to return the first unit because it was defective.


The first three DVD's I bought were Wrestlemania X-7, Wrestlemania X-8, and Network. Then, I bought Hulk Still Rules, the Back To The Future trilogy, and White Oleander.


I don't have that player anymore. Now, I have my Haier Portable DVD Player, Daewoo DVD Recorder, Classic DVD Player, and my PC's DVD-RW Drive. I've got players everywhere!

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I got one of the first systems out and it was great going to Block Buster Video when they first started renting DVD's, I was just about the only person who rented them so I had my pick of movies and did not have to worry about a movie not being in stock.


:ponder: :D :D

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I answered 2001, which is when I got my Xbox. Seeing has how I don't own any stand alone players. Xbox, PS2 & X360 do just fine.


But technicaly, I could say earlier to when I got my first PC DVD rom drive using PowerDVD and SVGA video w/tv out. That probably would have been around '97-'98.

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I got my first DVD player in at the end of 2000. It was a RCA DVD player that had coaxial out for the video that I thought was cool because I did'nt have A/V jacks on my TV. My first DVD was The Andy Kaulfman Show. The DVD is hysterical. If you remember Andy Kaufman for the early SNL years, he was hysterical in a wierd way. I still have the DVD plus about 200 DVD's. I gave the old RCA DVD player to my Little Brother & he got a better one & threw it in his closet. I have about four DVD players now. My favorite on is my Pionner DVD player. It comes in in 1080p through HDMI. It's cool. What I did'nt like about DVD players when they first came out was they did'nt play the cd's made off the PC. Now they play everything, DVD+-R, CD-R, CD-RW, Mp3 & .avi. I also like my RCA 5 Disc DVD 5.1 Pro Logic Surround System alot too. The DVD's on that come in progressive 480p. I would like to get a Blu Ray Disc player soon because the price on those is coming down too. :)

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