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I Need Help On My Auction


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I currently have an auction that ends Wednesday for an old Sierra PC game called Gold Rush. On the side of the box it states it is IBM, Tandy, and MS-DOS compatible. Now there is also a sticker on the front that reads "For Tandy 1000/1200/3000 512k"


I'm not familiar with old computers. Is this just a Tandy product or is it compatible as stated on the side of the box? I suspect it is compatible but I am starting to second guess myself. The auction has gone higher than expected and I just want to be sure. I'm quite uninformed about Tandys. Please help.

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You should be alright, the later Tandy computers like the 1000 and the 3000 ran MS-Dos and were based on the common Intel 80186, so they are compatible with the software. The earlier computers like the TRS-80 were different machines with different chipsets.



edit: wow, is that your game that the bidding is over $100? I didn't know old PC games kept their values like that :o


I'll have to go through my closet now :)

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Thanks. I didn't expect the game to go over $40 based on past auctions. The old Sierra games (before 92) usually do OK on ebay. Even the kids software from Sierra does surprisingly well. The link below is a search in the PC Games section for completed Sierra games sorted by highest price.



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