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Contests and prizes portland expo 2K8

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TBA =TBA (videogame wizards) prize=NINTENDO WII system!

Decathlon=atari 2600 (NWCGE) prize=vintage Atari 2600 Phoenix mobile

store display.

Track and field 100m dash=atari 2600 (NWCGE) prize=2600 vader system with games

bally war=Astrocade (y-bot) prize=35$ credit at his booth

super street fighter 2 turbo head to head=jamma (game trader BM)=holding a beat the booth type thing were people can

challenge different members of the booth for varying levels of credit at the show. 3-5pm both days

Tempest 2000=Jag High Score Challenge! (Gerald)

1st Prize will be a Super Sweet God of War 2 5' Standie

2nd Prize is 2 New Marvel Legends action figures

3rd Prize is a couple of used DVD's

crazy taxi, ikaruga=DC (Josh) Prizes =TBA

Tetris=NES (Corey) prize=TBA


Raffle for a NINTENDO WII system (Videogame wizards)

Raffle for a dreamcast Kiosk! (Josh)

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