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SI 7800 - Manual Posted! (See Last Post)


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I decided to put this here, being the the 'homebrew' part was complete.


Being that the AA Store is temporarily down, I decided I would make a short run of 10 carts (NTSC only, as I don't have a way of testing PAL). Please let me know via PM if you would like one and I will put you down for a copy.


No money yet, but they will be $25 + shipping. I will be using USPS, so it shouldn't be more than a couple dollars, unless you are not in the U.S.A...




Just as a side note, I wish VGWIZ still made the colored cart shells. :( This label really looks nice on a red shell.

I already put down the people who expressed interest in carts, please let me know if I'm wrong.


The reservations:

1. Gambler172

2. Trebor

3. TrekMD

4. Lord Helmet

5. Sauron

6. HatNJ

7. ckirkman

8. Captain Beard

9. NE146

10. (Red shell) - (N/C) Atariboy2600, for making such nice labels for the past 4 games.


A BIG thank you to ZylonBane, Trebor, vdub_bobby, NE146, supercat, Rybags, Nathan Strum, Allan, and kenfused for helping me tweak the game and making it as close to the arcade as I could get it. Also another big thank you to Schmutzpuppe for the original start. :)

Thanks to everyone who helped play test it! (the fun part) :P




*EDIT* - I'm sorry that there are only 2 left - I did use all 16K cart boards making these ten, and I had forgotten how many people asked for a cart. We'll see if anyone backs out.


*EDIT2* - Ok, at this moment, all have been spoken for. Please still let me know, because I plan on contacting everyone onthis list. If anyone backs out, I will let you know. Thanks!

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Hi Bob,


I would like to get on the list if there will be more made. If no more will be made, I can still play it on the CC2. Just wanted to support your work. I like the label art too.

Do you need 7800 carts? I have a couple of boxes full that could be use for donor carts.

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Pac-Man Plus,


Please put me down on the next list if possible.


I hoped I'd make the first list since I posted interest on July 14, on the homebrew topic thread, which re-started the "when is the cart coming out?" conversation.


I guess I wasn't really explicit enough though. I just asked about it, but didn't say "count me in" clearly.


So, now I'll make it explicit. Please count me in, if possible, in the next list. I know you do great work. Pac-Man Collection is one of my favorite Atari games of all time. Thanks!


-littleman jack

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