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Atari and N64 championships/ call of duty 4 contest

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wanted to tell you about our 2 championships and our call of duty 4 contest.

Atari 2600 championships, that will be on Saturday around 5PM

1st prize= 100.00 gift certificate

2nd prize= 50.00 gift certificate

3rd prize=25.00 gift certificate



Call of Duty 4 contest that will be on Sunday around 12 noon

1st prize=100.00 gift certificate

2nd prize=50.00 gift certificate

3rd prize=25.00 gift certificate


on these 2 contests you will be able to spend the gift certificate at

ANY vendors Table or Booth of your choice, and you can spend it on as

many vendors as you want. say you win 1st prize on the Atari 2600

championships, that's $100.00!! you use 30$ of it at Toby's booth, 20$

at Gerald's Booth and 35$ at Recycled Gamer double Booth that would

leave you with 15.00 left to spend at any other table or Booth. (FYI

to all vendors=all vendors will be paid for all items by our groups

fund) :)



the N64 championships that will be on sunday around 5PM


1st prize= 100.00 gift certificate to Videogame Wizards store

2nd prize= 50.00 gift certificate to Videogame Wizards store

3rd prize=25.00 gift certificate to videogame Wizards store


you can use these gift certificates at the videogame wizards store located at:



9712 SE Foster Rd.

Portland, Or 97266

Phone: (503) 771-6440

Fax: (503) 788-4407

E-mail= Buyitnow1@comcast.net


Just 1 block east of SE Foster Road exit on I-205.



Tues-Sat.: 11am-8:30pm

Sundays: 12pm-6pm

Mondays: CLOSED




1 week and counting! hope to see you all at our show!


for all the info check out our site:




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