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Sega Master System HSC previous rounds

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I'm gonna stop this game a few hours earlier than scheduled so I don't forget. I hope ya'll enjoyed the inaugural game, Black Belt. Kickin' butt never felt so good. I hope you'll join us for our next game in Week 2 of the SMS HSC, Columns.


Final Standings:

1. PressureCooker2600 - 576600 (+11) Challenge met (+5)

2. NintendoDieScreaming - 476600 (+10)

3. Blackjack - 416800 (+9)

4. 8th lutz - 245500 (+8 )

5. LarcenTyler - 213600 (+7)

6. user42 - 196600 (+6)

7. Artlover - 93100 (+5)



Congratulations to all!!

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From the back of the box:

Drift back to ancient Phoenicia and challenge yourself with Columns, a game favored by ancient merchants. Forget the passage of time and tickle your mind with this brilliant game of strategy and skill.


Normal Difficulty, starting on Level 0......you can choose whatever block scheme you like. :)

Best tips will get +2 points and if you meet the challenge, get +5 points.


Challenge: ??? I'll let you all decide a good enough and hard enough challenge.


Overall standings as of now:

1. PressureCooker2600 +16

2. NintendoDieScreaming +10

3. Blackjack +9

4. 8th lutz +8

5. LarcenTyler +7

6. user42 +6

7. Artlover +5


Let's begin. Games end Thursday at 8-9 p.m. CT.

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I'm pretty decent at this one, played it a lot on genesis and in Mame. Although at the level I ended at, I can't see improving my score too much as it's so fast, the last couple minutes of play were pretty much luck.... maybe I'll try to win the challenge mode.




And do you know of an sms emu that takes screenshots?

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