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Sega Master System HSC previous rounds

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And do you know of an sms emu that takes screenshots?


Kega Fusion does :cool: http://www.eidolons-inn.net/tiki-index.php?page=kega




I'm afraid I won't get any higher than that because it gets too damn fast for me to think and manuever. At least I'm better at this than Tetris. I just plain suck at that. :)


My god does it ever get FAST!!!


Well here's my first attempt.



Not too bad. :cool:


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Here's my problem:


I am a Columns Master ;) all the way through level 7, level 8 hits and I stand about a third chance of getting lucky (some skill) and hanging in there, level 9 hits and I can't do anything at all, just watch and hope for some miracle matches.


In level 8 I can put the jewels where I want them, I know what needs to be done, but I don't have enough time to rearrange their order.


I think they ramp up the difficulty a little too quickly. They should've eased into levels 8 and 9 a little more.

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Here we go, Baby!!!




And I'll admit..... the last 15,000 or so points was total luck. I was losing quickly, everything piling up and I got one of those magical combos of like 12 in a row. I couldn't believe it.


And I doubt I'll be able to top it.



Holy fuck!


I suppose I could probably try to beat that, but damn. I think you win Columns week.

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See, you guys had to go and give me the bad juju!!! :x :x :x





While I will tell you that I worked beyond hard to get 6x and 7x combos within the opening moments of the game, Columns turns into a game of luck hitting level 9.


Once we play Fantasy Zone, don't worry dude, I'm as good as beaten. Or My Hero or Kung-Fu Kid. Or Action Fighter.

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