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Sega Master System HSC previous rounds

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Does anyone mind if I extend this game and make it two weeks?


I've been swamped and busy as hell....and probably will be until the end of December.


With two weeks, I'll be able to actually get a game in because I LOVE this game.

Plus it'll give me time to set up the next game.

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It's barely possible to get past the first level if you time your jump kicks and elbow punches right, but that's only if you have the patience and nerve for this game. At least the NES version was playable. The Atari 7800 version felt like the Atari 2600 version with enhanced graphics and two button control, but it's still not easy.

Really? I can get to mission 3 by myself and with my brother I can get to the last level (although I've never beaten the game). The 2600 version is hard but it isn't as hard as the NES DD3.

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I doubt I'll get THAT high!!! But let's officially make this the new SMS game for this month. As you can see.....I've had problems around the house that have kept me from updating and starting new games....so I've been REAL lax around here. :( Sorry about that.

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