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Sega Master System HSC Rules of Play


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Hello all. I'm adding this topic so I basically don't have to repeat the rules in every round of the HSC, also, this topic can be used to discuss the rules themselves, make recommendations or suggestions regarding the rules and regulations.


Rule #1. However you can play the game is fine as long as you're playing the actual Sega Master System game and not a port or other version. This basically means the game must be played on actual SMS hardware or an emulator that supports SMS roms.


Rule #2. Default difficulty is the standard difficulty for the HSC.


Rule #3. Any controller scheme is fine.


Rule #4. Screen shots preferred but not required. Though I would like to see screen shots, they are not required, even myself, have a hard time getting screen shots when I'm trying to get a quick game in here or there.


Rule #5. Trash talking is encouraged icon_smile.gif as long as it is not over the top. No threatening remarks nor foul language will be tolerated, foul language being the f bomb, s bomb, etc, the real nasty stuff. Any thing I deem unacceptable will be deleted from the post. I don't think this will ever be a problem.


Thats it for now.


Thanks guys


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Since I'm running things now, here's the new rules for the Master System HSC:


#1. No scores will be accepted after the deadline.


#2. Screenshots are great but not necessary.


#3. Accepted controllers include: SMS pad, Genesis pad, 7800 proline, and keyboard.


#4. Use only the Master System cartridge, unless other versions are also specified for use.


#5. You can play with any difficulty you like, so long as it doesn't alter the game too much.


#6. If you max out or roll the score bar, your score will still be counted as the maximum allowed by the score bar. For example, if you roll the score in a game where the highest score allowed is 999,900 points, your score will still be counted as 999,900.

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