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Sega Master System HSC Active Leader Board


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Welcome to the Sega Master System HSC Active Leader Board.


Everybody that has participated in any HSC, will obviously be part of the Leader Board, you don't have to have wins, as long as you've posted a score, you will be part of it.


There are 2 scores involved with the Leader Board. There will be

one for total wins and one for most accumulative points. If you have 0 wins, you will not be listed in the Total Wins.


Any multi-platform contests will not be added in to total points or wins, just SMS HSC competitions.



TOTAL WINS: after round 2


Ace_1: 1 win

Darthkur: 1 win


TOTAL POINTS: after round 2



Ace_1: 4,679,520

Darthkur: 4,302,280

A2600: 4,131,093

LarcenTyler: 3,940,060

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Season 1 Results:


zylon 202

roadrunner 192

Sonic R 172

Austin 78

4Ks 61

JibbaJabba 30

darthkur 20

JayWI 14

davepesc 12

Cebus Capucinis 8


More to do in Season 2...

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  • 11 months later...

Season 2 Results:


zylon 422

roadrunner 368

Sonic R 128

4Ks 90

feldhaus97 56

bigbee99 50

JibbaJabba 42

CRV 30

CebusCapucinis 54

patbb 22

JacobZu7zu7 20

thegoldenband 12


Thank you for playing!

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