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Atari 7800 HSC reloaded Round 2 *Dig-Dug*


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By popular demand, this months round will be one of my favorite classic games. Dig-Dug. This is another game that is a must own for the 7800 in my opinion.


The competition will end on 9-21-2008







Let's get poppin' some monsters!!!!



FINAL LEADER BOARD : updated 09/24/2008 9:37am est.


suaiden: 215190

Darthkur: 205660

AtariFever: 179570

gdement: 142090

rockman_x_2002: 137080

HammR25: 76620

doctorclu: 56010

Zoyx: 25820

LarcenTyler: 8800

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I'm doing with this the same thing I did with DK Jr. I am trying to find ways to maximize my points in each screen to get the score up overall, rather than focusing on just trying to stay alive. I'm not lasting past screen seven very much anymore, but I'm consistently coming out of screen two with over 10,000 points, and am dying in screen seven with the amount of points I used to have in screen 11 or so. When I did this with DK Jr. I out scored the Twin Galaxies record (for the 7800 version, which wasn't very high)

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Well, I played yesterday and scored 210,000+ -- but I forgot that the damn game wipes your score out right at the end....arghgh...I got fed up and gave up....


It doesn't clear your score until you start a new game, so if you wait for the demo to run your last score will still be there.

Still it's very annoying that it doesn't remember the high score between games. For such an otherwise great game, it's hard to figure the stupidity on that bit of the programming.

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Well, anyhoo...I think there are three keys to maximizing your score:


1) The bonus. As everybody may know by now, the bonus pops up after the second rock is dropped on each level. Even if you're having a hard time luring an enemy under a rock, it could be worth dropping a rock just to get the bonus.


2) Killing enemies under the rock...if possible, dig a small "pit" for the rock to drop through because chances are, when the enemies run away, they'll go into the pit and get smashed.


3) Digging as much dirt as possible. You get ten points for every square of dirt you dig, so it's worth, say, when you have the last enemy on the screen, pumping the enemy to near-capacity, digging some more dirt, pumping again, digging more dirt, etc,. until you don't have dirt nearby...yeah, it might mean making the level lost longer than you'd like, but that means adding to your score.

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