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Track & Field PAL60 hack?


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Completed. I also seperated the player colors from all others (and from each other). Not sure what "face" was, tho (the javalin?). A color shift might crop up in events of those types...I suck royally at this game.


Keep in mind that the color chosen for legs/torso, etc is shared with onscreen obstacles at the same scanline heights...such as hurdles...because they are made out of missile sprites.





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It was trivial to convert the colors in this game after it was disassembled, as everything is loaded either in immediate mode (i.e. #$xx color values existing right near the "COLU" store instructions), or using only 2 indirect pointers (most largish games have more). One thing I wasn't sure about was the javelin and hammer events, since they use independant objects. Give a yell if either of them are discolored when thrown and I'll continue searching.

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Found an easy way to increase speed (cheat)...


   lda	#$B7				   ;2
   sta	$82					;3
   sta	$84					;3
   lda	LB7CD,Y				;4
   sta	$81					;3
   lda	LB7D5,Y				;4
   sta	$83					;3
   lda	$8D					;3
   jsr	LBC2D				  ;6
   tay						   ;2
   lda	($83),Y				;5
   clc						   ;2
   ldy	$8E					;3
   adc	($81),Y				;5
   adc	$C4,X				  ;4
   sta	$C4,X				  ;4
   lda	$C2,X				  ;4
;;	   adc	#$00				   ;2
   adc	#$01				   ;2 <- faster speed


Turns out that the javelin (FACE) color and disc color are correct in the conversion 8)



Note about the above...

The speed increase bumps up the default speed automatically for BOTH players on every frame (so you'd want to run it with a slowdown in effect...say, -r10 for Z26). Pity that the game doesn't allow more than 99.99 meters for distance, since they are BCD counters that roll over :(


< threw a javelin 290+ meters

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