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More PAL60 hacks?


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Nukey Shay was so friendly to make a PAL60 version of Track & Field. Thanx a lot. Are there some other GOOD NTSC games without a PAL version?


I have some on my list but I don't know exactly if they have a PAL (or PAL60) version:


Mr. Do!'s Castle, Montezuma's Revenge, Gravitar and Turmoil.


If not, is someone (Nukey Shay? ;) ) able and interested in hack one (or more) of them and make a PAL60 version?

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I suppose a good starting place would be the F# bankswitch conversions of Mr. Do!'s Castle and Montezuma's Revenge (i.e. so the result is playable on actual hardware). Both of those use E0 bankswitching. The conversion for M.D.C. was done by batari here. I imagine that he's got a PAL build someplace...or at least, his converted disassembly to make it possible in minutes. Shoot him a PM.


I dunno where M.R.'s converted disassembly is located (or who did it)...probably on the StellaList.


Not really worth hacking 'em if they are only playable in emu otherwise :(



I can look at the other 2, tho.

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Having a bit of trouble with Gravitar...

The score and player ship colors appear to be aquired by using static EOR values (#$3C and #$93) against game control bits from ram location $86. Altering them could (for example) cause the score to flash inappropriately, etc. I've left them unaltered. This affects the startup logo as well...but other game colors appear to be unaffected.


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@Nukey Shay: Thank you for your work. I now have found Montezuma's Revenge PAL F6 in one of your postet threads. Mr. Do!'s Castle is buggy but I'll pm batari and ask him if there is a newer version. But what is the Turmoil PAL60 supercharger (4K) version from your link? Is it only for supercharger systems and not for normal eprom carts?

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Turmoil is only 4k...so I figured as long as I was converting it for PAL, I might as well free the four (4!) bytes necessary for unmodded-Supercharger compatability too. This was accomplished by swapping LFF84, LFFB9, LFFC2, LFFCB (46 bytes, eliminating the need for a JMP at the end of LFF84) with LFBBF (42 bytes). It's playable no matter how you choose to use it 8)

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The reason it's marked as WIP is because I haven't figured out a way of correcting the ship and score/logo colors (as explained above). The disassembly is posted if anybody wants to give it a shot. The incorrect colors for these will not affect gameplay. I have a suspicion that they were not so much "chosen" as "conveniently available"...so getting matching PAL colors might be difficult.

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I am a really big Megamania fan. I think it requires really precise shooting and is very addictive when going for a high score. The hacks that are available on here make an already great game amazing by changing the sprites to look like space invaders. Unfortunately, I have a PAL system so can't get them to work with the correct colours. If one of the very talented people on here could have a look at them I would be eternally grateful.


Megamania Hacks


Space Invaders Invasion by Scott Dayton

Space Invaders Invasion Black by Scott Dayton

Intellivision Lives by Scott Dayton

Ventrra Invaders by Charles Morgan

Megamania Raid by Thiago


And a Space Invader and Galaxian Hack


Arcade Space Invaders by Franklin Cruz (Atari 2600 version with more accurate sprites)

Galaxian ND (original Galaxian with the borders removed)


These games would be fantastic in PAL60 and I for one would be very happy. I wish they were available as a cart.

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