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Anyone think Ballblazer is possible on the 2600?

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4 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:

Could be just another case of getting tired of trying to make the engine work with too few CPU cycles to spare.  It's a fun challenge until it's not.

I hope not. A he could always have asked for help, I am sure someone would have reacted.

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Since @roland p has released numerous ROMs, I thought it might be helpful to add some structure. Basically there were five different kernel variations:

  1. Narrow view, non-striped
  2. Narrow view, striped
  3. Wide view, striped
  4. Wide view, non-striped 
  5. Narrow view striped (lite kernel, playable)

I have a attached a ZIP which contains the latest ROM of each variation.

Ballblazer ROMs.zip

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