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Excellent person, understanding and helpful.



I just received a Krok Cart I bought from him.


The cart was safely packaged and it arrived in sound condition.

The overall condition of the cart was excellent, as new.


He included everything that accompanied the cart (book, cable, cd),

and everything was packaged in different plastics and in bubble wrap.


Will definitely do business again with this guy and i totally recommend him to everyone :)

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Thanks Harvey for the Arcadia 2001 multicart long cart edition! Works great! Sorry for the delay in feedback - I'm new to Atari Age and finally discovered where to give official feedback. Great guy to buy from! If anyone is interested - he may still have three more Arcadia 2001 multicarts left.

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I just sold Harvey a bunch of arcadia 2001 games. He was very easy to work with and great to talk to. Everything went wonderfully with the sale and I look forward to more in the future and highly recommend him to everyone here!

thanks again!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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I haven't used the boards Harvey made since I don't have the programmer that was bought separately. Still, I wanted to point out how FANTASTIC he is. Very responsive. Answers dirt dumb questions. Proactive about communication. I've been a big fan of his craftsmanship but never had an opportunity to experience it myself until now.


Very, VERY glad I did!

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