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MiniGame Compo 2008 results (1k)


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Seems that I should contribute next year as I can not see this "Otello", "Bomber", "Maze" type of games anymore... ;)


I agree on BOMBER, but OTHELLO was only once a few years ago and it was a 2K game.

MAZE was just to try an old game in 1K where it used to be about 4K.


I gave FIREBALL a higher score than the average, although I thought it wasn't original, but it was wel coded.


To me the original pupose of the MiniGame Compo ; to show (off) what you can do in 1K/2K/4K is getting

lost on a simple judgement on a simple shooter rather than looking what is implemented in the game.


Personally I thougt OTHELLO gave a lot of gameplay;


DEMO option,

1 Player game

2 Player game

Redefine controls

Computer/player start

Easy/Hard mode

Sound on stonechanges

Visible stonechanges

Last stone marker

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