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Philly Classic 4!


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  • 2 months later...

I'm SUPER excited now that I've gotten the latest email update.. I plan on taking care of my reservations after the Christmas shopping season is done. The new pricing looks AWESOME! Whoever thought up the idea of having the three-day pass built into the table price is a genius! Here's a quick copy & paste if you haven't seen it..



It's time to start thinking seriously about PhillyClassic4!


We're moving the show to a 3-day format – a special private

kickoff preview/ reception/ gaming fest Friday night from 6pm-

midnight (for pre-registered folks ONLY), including early-bird  

buying/ selling/ trading, exclusive giveaways, food, drink, and the  

debut of the PhillyClassic film festival on multiple screens. Get  

your thumbs ready to party!


Then Saturday and Sunday, we're going to blow the doors off the  

convention center with extended hours, special guests, more console  

gaming stations than ever before, the PC4 arcade, the release of PC4  

exclusive titles for several platforms, and the now famous PC4  



Ticket sales are open for business – the rates for tables are  

slightly lower this year (with ALL tables upgraded to power, for  

FREE), as is the per-day cost for attendance.  


2-day passes are $20 if purchased in advance; 3-day passes are $30  

and include Friday night; and tables are $60 each for as many as you  

need, with a 3-day pass INCLUDED with each one!!!


Online payment buttons should hit the site soon, but you can process  

Paypal payments NOW to: phillyclassic4@yahoo.com.  


Have a great Thanksgiving, and remember – whatever Santa forgets


bring you, you can pick up yourself at PC4 March 28-30, 2003!


-- David

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WOW, that IS good news! I am SO totally in for this! Last year was a blast! I need to start saving my pennies! To think, the hotel room and the plane ticket (MAYBE I'll drive again.....carpool anyone?) are going to cost more than the show! Ca-razy!


I can't wait! :spidey:

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Yeah, but Cinci is like 1/3 the size of Philly and Philly is THE premier show on the East Coast. Its the biggy. $10 a day isn't that bad for admission, and considering the traffic there last year, you should EASILY make back your $60 investment on the table(s).




Big Player, what time you get off work on Friday? I'll be in/near your area that Friday, I can pick you up and we can take off for Philly Friday afternoon. We'll miss the Friday night stuff, but we can be there for the WHOLE thing Sat and Sun. Let me know if you wanna try to work something out.


Stan :) 8)

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I can't wait my first actual gaming show, I know I sound like such a dork. But I missed out on PC3 last year. Didn't get an atari untill 2 months later and found this place right about the same time and now I'll get to go to PC4 and actually maybe put a face or two to some of the members. Sounds like fun :D :D :D

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