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Philly Classic 4!


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And if THAT isn't enough, my avatar is just an anime version of me. So look for him/me/it.


Will you be carrying a pink sword?


The sword isn't PINK! That's CHI! ETHEREAL ENERGY! Or some such shit!


No, I think we should all have name tags with our avatars printed right on them.

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And I'll be the guy sitting at home wishing he was there. :sad:  ;)  :D


Come on, you can come out to any of the shows, Fedex Ground will ship anything. Just have someone tape up the box and drop you off. A couple of airholes and an empty bottle (just in case!) and you're all set, you could even ask one of the vendors if you could keep the box under one of their tables at night and think of all the money you'd save on hotel fee's too. The best part is the trip home, you AND the stuff you buy at the show can all be shipped back together and if you buy a handheld game and some batteries the trip home will go by that much quicker ;-)




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@ The Al's


Will you guys be bringing any of the AA 2600 games to PC4?


Well since Albert brought almost every kind of AA 2600 game to the Cinciclassic--a much smaller show--that was available at the time, I'm sure there will be a good amount available for purchase at Philly. :)


Hope to see you there!

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Ahh, sorry, I missed this until now.  Yes, we will likely have copies of just about every homebrew/hack/repro game in our store with us at PC4, as well as some titles that are not yet available.  :)




It's time for that quote again....


'O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'

He chortled in his joy.:grin:

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no problem, it was great working with you both :)


I see it as rescuing a poor 7800 all lonely in some dealer's box and getting it into the hands of someone who wants to play it 8)


The PhillyClassic is just at a tough time for me I'm probably buying and moving into a new house by April so no gaming conventions this year. Maybe next year!

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