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Lead Label Contest


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lead_shot.pngWill you lead?


Find the answer by travelling through the 20 tunnels of Lead, where you'll have to fire at incoming enemies, dodge deadly asteroids, scramble past menacing sentinels and catch wandering satellites to survive, and finally prove to yourself that you can do it.


Lead is a fast paced action game created by Simone Serra, whose first Atari 2600 homebrew release was the unique collection of puzzle and rhythm games in Sync. AtariAge and Simone Serra are sponsoring a contest to create original artwork for Lead. This label artwork will appear on all copies of Lead, which will be released at the beginning of December in the AtariAge Store. This artwork will also be featured on the cover of the manual created for Lead. You can learn more about the contest and how to enter by clicking the following link:


Lead Label Contest

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Ivan's label gets my vote for sure.



Hmn. I gotta get some better programs, I made mine with windows paintbrush on windows 3.1 (yes, really).


I use an old photoshop (6.0), for me not worth buy a new version, I recomend previous photoshop versions (5.0 up to 7.0) for people that need a quick and professional program, my case. And these old photoshop are faster :) I have mine for years!

But I don't know if run in windows 3.1...

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I have XP SP2 as well, I bought an old copy of 4.0 that DID work on XP, I hadn't used it in over a year and now it said out of memory when trying to load (but I'm not out of memory). It would certainly help. I love using paintbrush though, as a teen I pushed it to the limits and did stuff with it no one could do at the time without big money and machines.



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