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Lead Label Contest


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Thanks Ivan! There are a lot of really good entries, and more entries overall than I've seen in awhile. A lot of people really enthusiastic about this game.


A handful of favorites (in no particular order):

Darrin Rose #1

Renato Brito #2

Hernán Callo #7

Dan Monceaux #1

Ivan Machado #1

SEgamer #2

SEgamer #3

Tanner Walters #1


It's going to be a tough decision for Seemo.


(Incidentally Albert - the Medieval Mayhem page seems broken. There were more entries than what's showing up now.)

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Very cool labels across the board, my 3 favorites:


Dan Monceaux #1 (clever composition, simplistic but nicely captures the essence of the game)


Ivan Machado #1 (very elegant spaceship design)


Nathan Strum #12 (the usual suspect strikes again! this one has both - convincing composition and elaborate graphics)

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Very cool labels across the board, my 3 favorites:


Dan Monceaux #1 (clever composition, simplistic but nicely captures the essence of the game)


Thanks for the compliment, r_type! It's great to see so many entries and diverse approaches to the design. Props to everyone who entered!

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First of all, let me say a heartlhy 'Tank You !' to everybody who contributed to the contest :thumbsup:


Let me also express my gratitude to Albert: without his support, our ideas wouldn't have a world to live in :)


Choosing a label has not been an easy task: each picture displayed a different view of the game, and the more I looked into them, the more I discovered about Lead, and the way the game has been perceived by so many talented artists.


My preference goes to Hernán Callo's entry #7, I feel like that wonderful label really portrays the concept of the game, and every time I look at it, I am captured into that world :)


The colors and the overall composition of the label are outstanding, everything is very well proportioned; there is a feeling of depth that really enhances the label, and I liked the idea of putting the ship besides the copyright notice.


Again, thanks a lot to everybody, I am grateful to every artist who took the time and used his skills to share his vision of the game :)



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wow! I´m the winner!! :)


I cant believe that the winning label is one without elaborate illustrations like the ones by Nathan,

SEgamer or Holger needless to say that these are exelent (and winning) entries to me.


My bet was Nathan Strum Entry #15, amazing art! wich remembers me the classic labels like asteroids,

berzerk etc, I also like a lot the Renato Brito Entry #4, clear colorful and nice design :thumbsup:



Thanks Simone for choosing my design, and the nice words about my work!

I really appreciate your ´review´ of my label!

you made a really good game and I´m proud to be part of the atari community, its amazing to see how

many homebrew games are way better than the commercial games of the 80´s!



thanks again!!


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