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Looks like Vectrex Mail Plane has finally surface (and others)


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Yes, vectrex dark tower is a 'video-game-ized' enhancement of the electronic dark tower board game (MB owned the vectrex and DT.) It was never released, back in the day (lost proto,) but some version of it was discovered before. I have it on a sean kelly multi cart. Pretty good game, too, imho. I'd be really excited to see how or where these versions fall in with what is known/out there.

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I've been looking for an excuse to get the Kelley MultiCart.

I guess it's time to blow some cash and dust off the old Vectrex.


Is the game complete or just a proto?



Kelly's Multicart is hard to find and kind of expensive imo...


you should better look for the VecFlash (usb cart that you load with bins)

...or for one of the newer multicarts (there is one with 72 games in it)



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As for Mail Plane, the winner is a known Vectrex collector, just depends if he releases it or not. Someone else recently came forward also owning a Mail Plane looking to be dumped, so we might get an assault on two fronts. Might even be different versions, who knows.

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