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Hooking Up Odyssey 300...Can You Help?


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my gf scored this for me at an estate sale last weekfor a dollar. it still works fine but i can't seem to find the right piece to connect it to my tv. i've looked at the electronics store but no luck there. i know it works because i wrapped some wire around the end of the cable and stuck it in the coax input on my tv and i got a picture. it was very fuzzy but i was able to play a couple of matches against my buddy just fine.


anybody know what piece i need to connect this to my tv's coax input?







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Unless you want to hack the wiring to put a standard tip on, there isn't anything available short of Ebay. Magnavox used a custom r/f box for their units:




(Note that this is an image of one with the type of coax adapter you'll need screwed on).


They're not that hard to get, they were used on all the Odyssey units up through the Odyssey2. Just be glad is not a RCA Studio II rf that has both the rf and power going through it. A bit harder to find.

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Also, be aware that these were designed for analog tv tuners, i.e.




Where you use the dials around the switches to fine tune in the channel, since it wasn't precisely channel 2 or 3.


You may have issues getting a clear picture on more modern tv's.

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I swapped out a cable from a dead atari on one of my Odyssey2's. If the 300 has the same setup its an easy to do. Open the case, unplug the old, and plug in the newer cable. They usually have some sort of kink or loop around something to keep them to protect them from being yanked out.


Good Luck!

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bump...i got tied up in other projects and this thing has sat on one of my shelves all year hehe


so i finally got off my bum and got the odyssey2 down from my display shelf (see my signature...it's in the video somewhere) and the connection doesn't fit into the rf box for the o2. any thoughts from anyone?


if i wanted to replace the entire cable, how would i do that? i have a soldering iron and a solder sucker, just need some advice on how to proceed.


merry christmas!

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Ill help you out here. I know it has been a while but maybe you still need help. The newer Odyssey 2s used a standard RF switch. So you will either need to find another odyssey 100-500 style system, an original odyssey, or you can mod the cord. To do this cut it in half, YOu can use the other hald to make a cord for the Origianl odyssey. Sell it on ebay or save it. The cable has two layers like a regular RF cord. YOu have to go and get a RRA conntector, then strip the wire down. The outside part of the wire will role down and be connected to the bottom of the connector. The senteer wire needs to be soldered to the center post. Not too hard. Or you can open the system, Remove the whole wire and resolder a new one in. Up to you





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Just did this myself. Easy fix. Here's the WhiteTrash version (same as DragonStompers, but you know, more White Trashy)


Cut the end off of your Odysey 300; you'll notice an outer mesh and an inner wire. (if you strip an RCA cable you notice the same damned thing). Connect the outer mesh of the 300 to the outer mesh of the RCA cable. Connect the inner wire of the 300 to the inner wire of the RCA cable. Hook up to (RCA to Cable Adapter) (RadioShack). Turn on TV, change setting to Antenna, Put on channel 3 or 4. Badabing. Done. All white trashy like. And, you're playing pong on a LCD tv, which I think is probably a bit White trashy if we think about it. Sorry for the crappy post, I just wanted to give people an easy version that didn't involve soldering. And, I just wanted to confirm that you didn't need no stinking box in between.

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