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I was doing some work on my game Acid Fish last night. One thing people didn't like is the bubbles coming out of the fish's mouth if you sat in one place too long. There was a suggestion to use missiles to display the bubbles instead.


Great idea! Only I can't figure out how to get missiles to work. I tried adding in missile code with no luck. I even wrote a program from scratch that all it does is draw a player and missile and run through the loop, but even that doesn't work.


Could someone point me to an example or just write me a quick program to draw a square block as a player with a missile 2 pixels away?

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Thanks so much for mentioning that. I was using missile0 and I need to be using missile1 because of my no_blank_lines.


Missiles will work if they are available. If you use player1colors, playercolors, or no_blank_lines, one or both missiles will be gone:



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