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New Vectrex owner


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Hey all. Just got my Vectrex today and I have to say that the system is pretty cool. It really makes me feel like I am playing the old vector graphics games back in the arcades. Cost me quite a load of money considering the good condition that it was, but I thought it was worth it. :)

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Congrats and I second that ! You can get them at http://www.vectrexcarts.com/vcarts.html


You might also want to consider getting a flash cartridge so you can play the available rom files at the same site

on your Vec (or maybe experiment with programming for it!). They're currently sold out I see,

but you can get them here http://www.vectrex.biz/.


For emulators, roms and development tools etc you can go to vectrexnews.com amongst others.



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Congrats on your buy!!! You surely won't regret it.


Vectrex is my favorite system of all times ;)


As mentioned, you should definetely get a flash cart from Richard at vectrex.biz

Sent him an email and he will surely get back to you when he has new carts for sale (that's what i did when i wanted to get mine)


Also be sure to check the excellent game Vectrexians by Kristoff at http://members.lycos.nl/kristoftuts/kristo...vectrexians.htm

It might seem a little expensive, but its worth every cent...


For emulators you can use MESS if you already use that for other systems,

but you can also check the recently updated ParaJVE at http://pagesperso-orange.fr/parabellum/bin...VE/ParaJVE.html

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