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are there any chance to find those unreleased games ?


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Astro Battle and Space Robot are probably pirates of the two Dimax/sinmax games.

Not pirates, but original Dimax / Sinmax titles:

errr, that's what I said. :ponder:



Ultravision is clearly pirating these two titles from Dimax/Sinmax, and trying to release them as their own. I think you misread that as the Dimax/Sinmax games are pirates themselves.




Space Robot is actually a hack of Missile Command though. You can even see Rob Fulop's initals still stuck in the rom, lol. Not to sure if you can trigger it still as I haven't tried.

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I played octopussy at the electronic fun expo in new york around '83 iirc. Others have played it, too.

Wow, you were there too? Cool. I thought I was the only one on Atariage that went to that show.




Yup, I was! I was like 13 or 14 at the time :) I also remember going to the toy fair a couple times and going to the pac-man day celebration. and of course, fao schwartz... so awesome... tons of vfds and vectrexes and etc all playable.


"You played the train scene?



Yup, that's what octopussy was. The other Bond game came later. Someone else on AA had played it at a show also, they mentioned it in another thread where I had mentioned playing it.


*edit* just read the old thread to refresh my memory. :) I may have just seen it. I remember waiting in line to play it. I certainly saw it being played while I was waiting. I can't remember if I waited long enough to play it for certian or not. If I did, I must not have liked it much at all or it killed me quick and I lost interest. Old memories. Leonard Herman also saw and/or played it at one of the shows.

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