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AtariAge Master Wii Game Code List


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ok so here it is. I thought about doing this some time ago but with the recent release of Animal Crossing I'll go ahead and bite.


Welcome to the "AtariAge Master Wii Game Code List


I copied these codes from the various threads here at Atari Age.

If you want your code removed for some reason, just say the word.


Codes for Animal Crossing: City Folk



Town: Pixley

Name: Croniis

Fruit: Apples

Code: 1892-5460-7994



Town: Goobvill

Name: Goober

Fruit: Apples

Code: N/A


Shannon's Wife

Town: Goobvill

Name: Cookie

Fruit: Pear

Code: 1848-8527-4348



Town: Omaha

Name: Chelzie

Fruit: Pears

Code: 2707-5121-4562


Town - Brooklyn

Name - Flash

Code - 1934-4831-9018

WiiSpeak - Yes



Town: Atlantis

Name: Crossbow

Fruit: Oranges

Code: 5069 - 7430 - 6029

Has Wiispeak.


Crossbow's GF Sweetpea

Town: Atlantis

Name: Sweetpea

Fruit: Oranges

Code: 1032 - 4761 - 1079

Has Wiispeak.



Town: Citytown

Name: Figgler

Fruit: Unknown

Code: 0216 - 4321 - 1767



Town: Ccville

Name: Dalum

Fruit: Pear

Code: 5026-7934-1128



Town: Ccville

Name: Nyracat

Fruit: Pear

Code: 1118-3752-6872



Town: Oakville

Name: Phil

Fruit: Apples

Code: 2149-1739-1238



Town: Retro

Name: Corey

Fruit: Cherries

Code: 4339-6144-3905



Town: York

Name: Hitchcop

Fruit: Peaches

Code: 5370-4538-0472



Town: Cape Hat

Name: HatNJ

Fruit: Unknown

Code: 5155-6881-3376



Town: Emmytown

Name: Ice

Fruit: Peaches

Code: 5284-5161-7511



Town: Harville

Name: Shaggy

Fruit: Oranges

Wii Speak: Yes

Code: 4468-5477-5548


Jun Kazama


Name: Holli

Fruit: Orange

Code: 1376-2178-1264


Dark 666

Town: Tony hk

Name: Melody

Fruit: Peaches

Wii Speak: ??

Code: 0645-9299-6151


Codes for Batallion Wars 2



Codes for Conduit


vdub_bobby -> 4984-3949-2666

KrazyKaiju -> 2708-1185-5808



Codes for Dr. Mario Online Rx


godslabrat-> 8933-7098-0503

Dalum-> 5091-0697-1184

Nyracat (Dalum's Wife)-> 8724-7794-9605

SouthernBelle-> 0116-7164-0843 (If you add, be sure to let her know)



Codes for Mario Kart Wii


Shannon-> N/A

Miiimo-> 1118-0353-2171

theking21083-> 1762-3253-4263

Malc74-> 4811-7379-1267

Phaxda-> 4811-7565-7555 (Phil)

godslabrat-> 1934-3046-6906

Gregory DG-> 3480-4066-4753

HatNJ-> 3179-7112-7593


Codes for Nights: Journey Of Dreams


Shannon-> 3051-5751-1357


Codes for Super Smash Brothers


BydoEmpire-> 0860-2900-2482

LarcenTyler-> 0989-1474-4787 -Note: PM when added

Single Tooth-> 0817-3404-6387

godslabrat-> 2020-1849-1337

Rockin'Kat-> 2621-2416-6668

Crossbow-> 5284-1121-1567

Mayhem-> 3308-4344-2539

DracIsBack-> 6901-1106-4937-6738

Longhorn Engineer-> 2062-8863-0922


Codes for Tetris Party


Cybergoth -> 5327-4174-2452


Codes for Conduit

tr3vor -> 2880-0213-4082



All new entries will be added to the end of the list.


If you know of any other games with Wii friend codes just let me know.


How to find out your Animal Crossing: City Folk code.


Go to the town gate and talk to Copper (the watchdog on the right) and ask him for your friend code.



How to find out your Batallion Wars 2 code.


Go into Nintendo WFC and view your "Nintendo WFC profile" your friend code is there.



How to find out your Mario Kart Wii code.


Way 1. Go into Nintendo WFC. Select "Friends". Your registration code is at the bottom of the screen.


Way 2. Go into the Mario Kart Channel. Your code is listed underneath your Mii on the "Friends" button.


Way 3. You can send an invitation to anyone in your Master Wii friend list.


How to find out your Nights: Journey Of Dreams code.


Options->Register Friends->Your Friend Code


How to find out your Super Smash Brothers code.


Go into Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and select "With Friends". Your friend code is displayed on the top right of the screen.

Edited by Shannon
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This is an excellent idea! However the code you have listed for my GF isn't her code. I wasn't aware at the time I made that post that each player in a town had their own FC. So... the code listed is my FC. I will post Sweetpea's code later when I get home.


We haven't really done much as we haven't had the time to invest that we would like to play. But we have managed to get our first house payment done in the game to expand our living rooms more.


I think it would also be a good idea to include if you have the Wii-Speak module or not. I do have the module so online voice chat is possible on my side. I haven't actually tested it yet, but I've no reason to see that it wouldn't work.

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Thanks Cybergoth. If you could provide directions on how to get the friend code in the game, that'd be great! I like to add that info for people in case they do not know where to look.


It's pretty easy to find, yet I can't help you with a description since my version has german labels for all menus :)

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Shannon, back on the other AC thread I added my girlfriend Vicki's FC code. But here is her info as well here:


Town: Atlantis

Name: Sweetpea

Fruit: Oranges

AC FCode: 1032 - 4761 - 1079


She is playing currently and should have the gate open to Atlantis...

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ok here is a list of games that supposedly use WFC to some extent. I actually have a couple of these but I'd have to check to see what "capabilities" exist.


Wii games using WC24:


Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy

Boom Blox

Dewy's Adventure


Jissen Pachi-Slot Pachinko Hisshôhô! Hokuto no Ken Wii

Mario Kart Wii

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


WiiWare games using WC24:


Dr. Mario Online Rx

My Aquarium

My Pokémon Ranch

Homestar Ruiner (Need better title)

MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade


I don't even see batallion wars 2 or Tetris party on it.

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I don't even see batallion wars 2 or Tetris party on it.


Because you forgot to add it? :ponder:


I'm playing it vs. other online players each day, training for the European Tetris Tournament starting on 1st december :)

I got that list from a wiki.


The reason no codes are posted is because I have not seen anyone here post a friend code. I have one myself but I don't really play the game.

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Here is my animal crossing info. I REALLY want someone to play with so email me or pm me if you want to play


Name: Holli

Fruit: Orange

Code: 5728-5430-0363-7087


opps I had the wrong code in there it should be this



Name: Holli

Fruit: Orange

Code: 1376-2178-1264

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I have been playing Animal Crossings but I haven't been to many Towns (one).

Here is my info.

...Name: Hitchcop

...City: York

...Code: 5370-4538-0472

...Fruit: Peaches


I am actively looking to add people since "Ed" in my town is moving out -- I would like him to move to a town of someone I know.


I'm going to add as many people as possible (in the above list) tonight. But if you also add me, please let me know (in a PM).



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