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Important Note Regarding Post Editing


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I recently made a change to the way the post editing feature behaves. In the past, members have been able to edit posts indefinitely. Unfortunately, this privilege has been abused and I was forced to limit use of the "Edit" feature to within 15 minutes one hour of when a post is first made. This will allow you to fix any obvious problems with a post (such as spelling mistakes), but after those 15 minutes that one hour are is up, you will no longer be able to edit your posts. I have made a few exceptions, such as with the Marketplace, Wanted, and the various Programming-related forums. In these forums, you can still edit your posts indefinitely.




Can you let me edit the first post of this thread




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I'd like to be able to edit the topic here:



I was using it to post on a new homebrew I am developing but such things require the continued ability to edit the first post for game instructions and the like. The games direction has also changed since the first post was made. I've also seen much confusion when people have to hunt for the last post to get the newest version of a game.


Thank you for your consideration!

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I'd like to be able to edit the first post of this so I can keep people updated with news on the magazine. That way I can keep people updated with things like contents, what's happening with it, how its going, when it's released and so on, that way people don't have to search the thread for the latest news on it.

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I'd like to edit my first post in this thread here to correct minor error noted by zerosquare in a later post and to add a minor detail (which way the eprom notch faces when putting it on the pcb) Thank you.

Edited by rayik
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