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Game for Christmas evenings

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Scalak and me have written a text game Dratewka the Shoemaker, a Christmas gift for English-speaking players, good for long winter evenings ;). Well, it is our first text game, quite simple and I hope with interesting scenario.


It is also one of compo entries, so we ask about comments, advices and other notes:






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I really like this game. Allthough I have not travelled very far, it has good gfx and a built-in help/hint as for vocabulary (type "v" or "vocabulary") and game hints ("the butcher wants..., the ... likes ...). Last not least the whole gfx-adventure fits on one discside, so there is no need to be a disc-jockey (swapping disks all the time)...


Its just the right game for winter holidays... greetings, Andreas Koch.

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I'm glad you like it. I should also mention Tezz, who helped us with English translation (thanks Tezz!), Mono, Larek and Jurgi who gave us some advices about Atari programming, especially in Turbo Basic XL.


It is our first text adventure (Scalak's first program for Atari) so don't treat our production too serious. We tested some ideas for bigger and better game we hope to make :). Unfortunatly bigger and better game will not fit single disk (ED, 130KB) what you pointed out as a adventage.

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