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AtariAge XBox Live Gamertag List


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Just a quick note since I can't edit my post: If you want to add me as a friend and you're not a Digital Press regular who I know well, or if your gamertag is quite different from your nick here, please send me a message telling me that you're from here. This way, I won't think you're a random creep that accidentally stumbled upon my gamertag. :)


My Xbox 360 tag is ladyjaye75. I don't play often on the 360 these days, but I do have a Gold account.

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I hate random creeps, some of their posts wanting me to join their gang or whatever causes half of my brain to burn out...


Oh...My me is...



Playing Reach now, want to try four player coop sometime....(can that be done on live?)


I know it says I only have Halo Reach, and 200points, but that's just because my old Xbox died, and I never got on live and my old name was already taken (bastards...I'll kill them)

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Sometimes people message me asking who I am when I send a friend request even though my tag is very close (my tag used to be the same but I got it banned a bunch of times and needed a non-flagged GT at some point... otherwise I would have a day 1 tag.) When you submit your tag to this thread you are going to get a request from me. That is because I add the tags to verify they work correctly. You're welcome to deny it or remove me after. I won't feel bad.


I will add the new tags tomorrow.

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gamertag: onlysublime


I am moving this list to a new thread to get it unburied from the old thread.


This list is for AA'ers with XBox Live on the XBox, XBox 360, or both. This list is simple to use. Simply click the tag of the person you want to add and a page at xbox.com will open. Once you login with your passport ID the name will be added to your XBox Live list. Once approved you will be able to see this persons status on Live through either the XBox.com interface or from your Xbox/XBox360.


To have your name added simply reply to this post with your XBox Live gamertag. If any tags have changed or any links don't work let me know. If your tag is in red then it is invalid and needs to be updated.


  1. Flojomojo
  2. Clock
  3. Bl1tzw1ng (Starscream)
  4. Maibock
  5. mrmiah (x6d696168)
  6. AikaImmortal (liquid_sky)
  7. Tantrum Blue (Foxy Cleopatra)
  8. zombiecraig (BerzerkZombieBentley)
  9. dvdguy
  10. Beets (therealred5)
  11. Ubersaurus
  12. IgotTHEsquirts (marshmellow man)
  13. MajorHavoc 2049
  14. afoia (thund3r)
  15. SongbirdMN (Songbird)
  16. mistrfistr (PuddWakkr)
  17. Digital Press
  18. L1VE1NAB1N (liveinabin)
  19. FingerLicknGood (MacGurl)
  20. IamUr (slip81)
  21. Chad Lare (Chadivision)
  22. Jeepnut24
  23. Famicoman
  24. MorbidBURP (Sauron)
  25. ironmonger05 (IronMongeR)
  26. adonisminus20 (adonis_minus_20)
  27. vbmasta (vb_master)
  28. hIperEye (Hyper_Eye)
  29. The JCW (Mr_8bit_16bit)
  31. Timorous Scott (sdstuff64)
  32. Funkmaster V (Cousin Vinnie)
  33. Dangerous Danny (The Marvellous One)
  34. shep72685 (shep)
  35. neon360 (Clint Thompson)
  36. Wntermute
  37. Rx Rated (De Butcher)
  38. tifosiotaku (ferrarimanf355)
  39. Larcen Tyler (larcentyler)
  40. Pipster1969 (Pipster)
  41. AtariGeek (8bitclassics)
  42. JMax19 (J.Max)
  43. Littleguapo (killersquirrel)
  44. GM80 (SomeGuyWithDSL)
  45. SCPRedLeg (Osbo)
  46. Moycon
  47. LeoAmes17 (Atariboy)
  48. LanerGT (Laner)
  49. Abstract Zero (Ze_ro)
  50. Famicoman
  51. albinon05 (javiero)
  52. xenomorpher
  53. StormSurge
  54. AtariAger
  55. SmasherBlaster (Gunstarhero)
  56. Uncle Tang (kmcclarnon)
  57. xL0RD HELMETx (Lord Helmet)
  58. Rxdiaz (rxd)
  59. Gambr1nus (TuzenTCA)
  60. kirkjerk (kisrael)
  61. WastingOrpheus (Buyatari)
  62. N3146 (NE146)
  63. Cabal17 (Cabal)
  64. Zeptari (Zeptari1)
  65. Robfromdariches (compacho)
  66. isw42 (iswitt)
  67. pookninja (wccw mark)
  68. dantheratman
  69. Nonner242
  70. aikaimmortal (liquid_sky)
  71. Teebo1500 (S1500)
  72. hackliner (rolligames)
  73. GodsLabRat
  74. THX 337 (Lee Krueger)
  75. Breakpack
  76. Mr Ooh La La (fdurso224)
  77. Stephen7769 (Stephen)
  78. Ryanw4390 (Ryanw)
  79. Aika Innet (aikainnet)
  80. STICH666
  81. NIGHTW1NG (Nightwing)
  82. AOW Waterborn (Waterborn)
  83. PerchHunter69 (davepesc)
  84. Pip Boy 9000 (rsiddall)
  85. Daiiabolical (Tickled_Pink)
  86. cybercylon
  87. Kroogur
  88. Tempest 2084 (Tempest)
  89. Godzilla68 (Darrin9999)
  90. HammR25
  91. Random Terrain
  92. Rhindle the Red
  93. Malam360 (Gameguider)
  94. djZM (Austin)
  95. RuralBullet (Atarifever)
  96. KBgames18 (Jms5118)
  97. JudasGhost (bomberpunk)
  98. JaegerBox (turboStar)
  99. El Tigre Pelon (Eltigro)
  100. burning Mice (burning_mice)
  101. legeek2112 (legeek)
  102. Karyyk
  103. nightglider1
  104. Hoyoooo (keilbaca)
  105. ladyjaye75 (Lady Jaye)
  106. rockmanx2002 (rockman_x_2002)
  107. I AaronB123 I (GreenDayRlz)
  108. Esternamornezz (Video)
  109. FalcoPhoenix808
  110. madmax2069
  111. Nightwheel94 (Nightwheel)

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So that people know why the list has not been maintained for a while, the links don't work anymore. When Microsoft rolled out the new website the ability to link to an add on a profile appears to have been removed. I was hoping a new way to do it would come along but I have not seen one yet.

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