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What have you actually PLAYED? Weekly Top Ten for 2009


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Atari 2600:


Adventure 140 minutes


Jack and the Beanstalk 70 minutes


Adventure Plus 35 minutes


Circus Galacticus 25 minutes


Gunfight 20 minutes






Vice City 60 minutes


Knockout Kings 2002 20 minutes



Gameboy Color:


Super Mario Deluxe 25 minutes

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OK, here are my times for the rest of the week...


Toyshop Trouble: 157 minutes in 4 sessions

Reindeer rescue: 8 minutes

Jack and the beanstalk: 79 minutes in 5 sessions (which included testing a version I modified in order to help the atari2600land, the programmer, with the scoring for levels 2 and 4)


Total gaming time: 244 minutes (61 minutes per day), all played on an emulated Atari 2600 through Stella.

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Kabobber 20 minutes - This was surprisingly fun. I was expecting an unfinished game but it appeared to be final or very close to final. I definitely be playing this more!


Yes, we had that game earlier in the HSC. As far as I remember, the programmer said in an interview that the version out there is the exact version "as finished by him". The problem was that Activision didn't want to release it this way because at that time they wanted to do more complex games (8k) and Kaboober only was a 4k game. The programmer still considered it "finished" and refused to expand it into a more complex 8k game.

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Games played so far for the second week of 2009



Atari 2600:


Adventure 3 hours


Jack and the Beanstalk 60 minutes


MisAdventure Revised 60 minutes







Castlevania II Belmonts Revenge 20 minutes






Frontline 25 minutes


Challenger 20 minutes

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since last wednesday:

Demon Attack approx 30 min

Spike's Peak, couple of hours perhaps

Kaboom, one game, perhaps 5 minutes

Air Sea Battle, off and on for maybe half an hour

Adventure, long enough to win at max difficulty (30 minutes)

Motocross Racer, long enough to win at max difficulty (15 minutes)

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