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What are Ressurection Xtra's?


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The actual "official thread" for Resurrection Xtra's can be found here.


I will be providing updates most likely in this thread, unless ResX himself decides to do so.


It's a pretty massive project but basically here are the highlights.


* Compatibility lists (spreadsheets) for x-port emu's.

* Faq file for each system that will be eventually available in each emu. (Remind me to do this please, RessX?)

* Video previews of each game for the new movie preview system in each emu.

* Scanned Manuals for several games displayable in the emu.

* Boxart/Cartart.

* Skins (See Gilou's dynamic skins).

* Game Guides.

* Datfiles (for renaming your ROMS to match up with the RessurectionXtra's).




* Commercials

* Maps


All downloadable for your Xbox pleasure!



Features I've been adding to select emu's


Cheat codes (typically unlimited lives) and in some case rumble codes. All in a searchable database so you can add them into your favorite game.

Overlays for systems that use them.

Built in autoconfiguration for select games.


Considering the number of cheat codes available out there for other systems there is a good chance they will get them as well. It's just a matter of creating the text file (database). Any help is appreciated. Some systems have alot of games! And we are always looking for recruits!

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